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6-Month Memberships:

Get high-quality monthly massages and access to additional massages at a great price! 

$354 For Single Person

as low as $59/month

Or pay it up front for $318.60

$234 For Family Members

(Family members 18 and older)

as low as $39/month

Or pay it up front for $210.60 For Each Additional Family Member


Additional Massages at great pricing!

MassageAway Member Fees:

30 Minute Massage – $29

60 Minute Massage – $49

90 Minute Massage – $69

New Client Special!

60-Minute massage for only $49! ($75 Value!)

Click here for New Patient and New Massage Client options and that one of our Care team members can get back to you!

Or Call us directly to make an appointment – (847) 426-2121

*Must mention this offer when scheduling


Terms & Conditions Of Membership:

A 1-hour massage session consists of 55 to 60 minutes of massage and additional time for consultation and dressing.
You have the entire term of your membership to use your pre-paid massages.  Any unused massages will expire should you elect not to renew your membership.
Massage Away memberships are non-transferable.
Pre-paid massages are non-transferable and may not be used by anyone other than the named member.
A Family member membership is defined as any immediate family member who resides in the same household 18 years old and older.  Friends or relatives are not considered immediate family.  Picture ID may be required upon enrollment in any additional Family memberships.
Your Dues Based Membership entitles you to (1) one hour massage session in clinic per month during the term of you membership.  Your Paid in Full membership gives you the ability to redeem all pre-paid massages immediately or as desired throughout the term of your membership.  Your membership status must be active in order to redeem any membership services including membership massages.
Canceling your membership: You may cancel this membership at any time, however, all cancellation requests MUST be made in writing and your refund will be prorated based on the non-member fee structure at the time of cancellation.  Upon 30 day written notice and approval of your cancellation, you will be relieved from making any future membership dues payments, however, the balance of any services (based on the non-member fee structure) would be due and payable.  If you have Paid in Full for your membership services, you will be refunded the unused portion of your membership dues minus any services received based on non-member fee structure.
We reserve the right to terminate or deny re-enrollment for any indeterminate amount of time if a customer has an unsatisfactory payment history.
Inappropriate behavior from clients or therapists will not be tolerated in any manner.  We request that you notify the Clinic Administrator immediately for appropriate action.  We have the right to refuse or discontinue service at any time for any reason.  Member agrees to follow all clinic rules and regulations.  Violation of clinic rules and regulations may result in suspension or cancellation of your membership.  Member will be responsible for payment in full upon revocation of membership.  We reserve the right to change clinic rules, regulations or pricing at any time upon reasonable notice.  In addition, MassageAway or WELLNESS AND NUTRITION CENTER, INC. cannot be responsible for lost or stolen articles. We strongly encourage our members and guests to keep their valuables on them or in their vehicle out of plain view.
We will make our best effort to process all of your payments properly.  For purposes of identification and billing, you agree to provide us with current, accurate, complete and updated information including your name, address, telephone number and applicable payment data.  You agree to notify us promptly of any changes in your membership data.
You have the right to receive a notice of change in the event that any changes to the terms and condition of your membership are implemented that will vary the amount to be periodically billed to your account as specified in the description and Payment Schedule section of the Membership Agreement and Disclosures.  Except as expressly provided herein, we may modify our services or the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time without notice and such modifications shall be deemed effective immediately upon making such changes.
Note: Promotional, membership and regular pricing may change without notice.