Make A “Selfie” Video and

Earn Points for FREE Stuff!

Pay it Forward & Refer your friends

You can get “Thrive” points* for introducing us to people we would otherwise never meet! These points can be used for yourself or others as a credit on your account for products, or nutrition services or even for gifting friends’ accounts and financially struggling patients as a benevolent gift.

 *You receive accruing points with each referral once they complete their Report of Findings visit (2nd visit)!

(They do not need to buy anything or start care to qualify you for points)

Use the following tools and avenues that we’ve developed to make this easier:

  • THRIVE EventsBring a friend or family member to one of our Events or Workshops that we will be holding throughout the year. *You qualify for an additional 5 Thrive points for every friend you bring to an event! (Conditions apply) 
  • THRIVE Sponsor – Invite us to speak on a specific topic at your place of work, church, social group or club. You would coordinate with your manager or leader and with our staff to schedule the event at your organization. *You qualify for an additional 5 Thrive points for every person who attends the complete presentation! (Limitations apply)
  • THRIVE VideosDon’t’ know anyone to refer? – Make a quick selfie video (:30 to 2:00) telling us how great you’re doing, submit it so we can share it with others who are hurting.  *You qualify for an additional 25 Thrive points for your video! (Conditions apply)
  • THRIVE “Leader of the Month”Every month we acknowledge the person who refers the most that month and reward them with:  1) a display in the reception room and 2) 25 Thrive bonus points and 3) a “Golden Ticket” coupon good for a complimentary New Patient Visit to give away!

Patient “Selfie” Videos & Success Stories!

Click the button below to record your video! Read the following hints & suggestions:

  • Try to keep it around 30 seconds or less than 2 minutes
  • You may want to rehearse something first so you are prepared
  • Also, you have to choose ‘video’, it won’t upload a ‘photo’.

Don’t worry about being professional, it is just people talking to people! Thanks in advance!!

Just click the light blue “Clipchamp” button below to start filming!



Thanks in advance!!