Life Balance

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Your Personal Stewardship and Life Balance

What you do with what you’ve been given matters. You are only given one body and a limited amount of time, so it would be wise to take good care of your body by investing in your health, maintaining it and keeping yourself from harm.

We should minimize if not completely eliminate detrimental things like tobacco, alcohol, drugs and junk foods while intentionally creating good habits like brushing and flossing teeth, exercise and eating a healthy diet.

Ideally, we should also strive for a good balance in all areas of our life. When it comes to our work or school performance, for example, it is tempting to artificially boost ourselves with stimulants, like caffeine. The problem is that caffeine can negatively affect our sleep, therefore make us more sluggish the next day and more dependent upon the drug just to get back up to a normal level of performance. We suggest that if you use caffeine, to limit it to the first half of the day.

In regard to relationships at home, at work or with friends, choose your friends wisely. There is something to be said that we are subconsciously attracted to people who possess qualities that we are lacking, however, you want to be careful to avoid those who are locked into a negative or self-destructive setting, lest you be taken down with them!

A good balance in your finances is vitally important as well. Money and wealth can enhance your life or it can completely devastate you. We recommend having and keeping to a budget or spending plan and when you want to make a large purchase absolutely get wise counsel before you commit.

Lastly, and perhaps more simply, just keeping the areas in which you physically spend your time maintained, clean and organized improves production and supports mental clarity. Areas like your home, your car and your work spaces can easily collect junk and break down creating a mess, adding stress and hindering your success. A little daily work now to keep things in good repair is much less stressful and expensive than if you let it build up and break down, eventually giving you a major project on your hands.

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