Magnesium for Tinnitus?

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Does Magnesium Help Tinnitus?

I came across an article written by Dr. Mercola recently that claimed that Magnesium supplementation could improve tinnitus! On behalf of those who suffer with that daily annoyance; Awesome!

Dr. Mercola embedded a video about the types of Magnesium in his article where he outlines different types of Magnesium supplements and their bioavailability. Very good article and useful information on the tinnitus topic! (Click here to read the full article)

Anyway, I wanted to share our point of view on the Magnesium topic, because inevitably, people will read or see that article, then buy a boat-load of the latest and greatest product, bring it in to get tested just to find out that it may not be the best one for their body.

Minerals such as magnesium or calcium are combined with another molecule to stabilize the compound. Each combination, referred to as a chelate, (such as magnesium citrate) has different absorption, bioavailability and therapeutic value. What stood out for me was this “new” form of Magnesium; Magnesium-L-Threonate. It apparently crosses the blood-brain barrier more easily, but haven’t found anywhere that it exists in nature.

Magnesium Oxide and Sulfate aren’t very good for supplementation whereas most others are. At WNC, we prefer to use a food sourced magnesium; Magnesium Lactate. While it may not be the most “powerful” form, in regards to your health, more is not always better. We also prefer to use the Autonomic Nervous System’s reflex response (Muscle Testing) to see how well any supplement actually energy-matches your body.

We find that whole-food sources of any element test the best (go figure). Other synthetic forms like Magnesium-L-Threonate, for example, may not test as well yet have a positive effect. The question is; is this product just reducing a symptom at the expense of something else in your health, like a drug? Or; is it filling a nutritional deficiency helping the body return to an optimal state of balance? The answer is that it may be either, it just depends on where your health is at.

Hopefully my tone isn’t too cynical, but after 20 years of practice I have seen a lot of so called life-changing products come and go and I just want to learn the truth and to save our Thrive Tribe (our patients and friends) from any waste, danger and distraction! We carry various forms of Magnesium and they are all available to you!

Live your Life Well!

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