Mental Health?

By April 13, 2017Mystery Illnesses

Your Mental Health and Well Being

Where is your mind? Is it just your brain or is it something more? The brain is simply an organ while your mind is a state of ‘being’ or a specific dimension of your existence. Too heavy for you?

Consider for a moment, that thoughts are ‘things’ and that with every thought there is some amount of emotional energy associated with it. Every thought drives the brain to respond with appropriate neurochemical impulses that create various physiologic responses in your body. Your thoughts and the resulting physiological responses can be positive and beneficial or they can be negative and detrimental.

The point is that if you continue to harbor and repeat any intense negative thinking, like unforgiveness, bitterness, discontent, etc., you are essentially causing your cells to experience (and respond to) that negative emotional energy. This over time will cause cells, organs or glands to burn out, which leads to inflammation, pain and eventual disease. Likewise, experiencing joy, peace and gratitude on an ongoing basis will cause your physiology to bathe your cells in a more positive and healing energy. This may be an oversimplification, but explains how the mind connects to the body.

We recommend that you focus on the things in your life that generate a sincere gratitude. Let your pride go, loosen up and be willing to laugh more and even laugh at your own imperfections.

Also, find purpose and meaning in your life. Are you a parent or a supportive role for someone? Do you make a positive impact on humanity in a large or small scale? Is your character developing and are you growing in maturity or responsibility? Life is bigger than just you and your legacy matters, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

In your home, at work or at school, know your strengths, do the best you can, take criticism gratefully and make sure you set time aside for the people in your life that matter most. Also, spend less time thinking about what’s wrong with the people and the world around you, because it’s what you regularly feed that grows bigger and the bigger that something grows, the more it consumes!

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