Sleep vs. Pain & Strokes?

Sleep vs. Pain & Strokes?

Sleep is so important for many reasons, therefore having a set “bed time” is an essential way to THRIVE in life.

In a recent study, participants who slept 1.8 hours more per night had increased daytime alertness and less pain sensitivity than those who slept their normal amount. Sleep, December 2012

In another study done by the University of Alabama found that adults (in the normal weight range) who sleep less than 6 hours per night have a much greater risk of stroke symptoms during middle age and old age than their peers who sleep more than 6 hours per night.

So commit to your sleep schedule and sleep well my friend!  …Trouble with sleeping? Maybe you have other ‘random’ symptoms as well? Check out our quick self assessment tool and see where we may be able to help you or call 847-426-2121 and speak to one of our Care Team members.


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