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Where Is Your Doctor’s Focus?

Can a home thrive on a sinking foundation? No, it will simply exist and over time cracks will line the walls, floors will become uneven and the damage will not stop there.  Our bodies, without a strong foundation, will too, over time show wear and tear.  We take the symptom, that which we feel or see, and bring that to our Doctor’s attention.

I have seen several Doctors and within seconds of presenting the symptoms, the answer, all too often, appeared in the form of a prescription pad.  It is easy to recognize “When” we are not feeling well, yet, the question we should focus on more is “Why?”  The Wellness And Nutrition Center does not want you to simply treat the symptom, they strive to find out “why” that symptom appeared in the first place; addressing the need for a strong foundation. Sure you can still choose to cover the cracks, yet the problems are still lurking underneath.

Allow me, you visit your Doctor and explain to him or her that you are feeling nervous, depressed, and irritable.  You share other intriguing symptoms while your Doctor turns to you and says, “You’re just a depressed Mom of three little kids.”  Yes, this happened. So, Doctor, the babies I had always wanted in life are the very reason I am struggling with my memory as well?  Did anyone address the importance of adrenal function?  No.  If our adrenals are impaired or even shut down, these symptoms can occur along with palpitations, insomnia, osteoporosis and more.  I could have taken that prescription I was handed that day and filled it.  Yet, simply covering up the existing symptom would never help heal the underlying cause.  Meaning, I would never find true healing.

When I entered WNC, nearly eight years ago, all I knew for sure was my body was suffering greatly.  I had exhausted the options around me, Doctors, tests, hospital stays, scans, etc. I was broken on all levels.  What I learned when I first met Dr. Jill Noble was, not only did she truly want to help me, she exudes a determination for healing. Would I give my body my absolute best throughout the healing process or would I simply just continue to be alive?  There is a big difference between merely existing and truly living.  I learned this at WNC and had the support from the entire team.  The office is not simply a business, each team member is in the business of embracing each individual’s need.

At WNC, the door is wide open and if you are willing, so is your opportunity to not just live your life but to live your life well! 

-Shannon T.

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