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Most often, when we think of massage, we think of relaxation and pampering, a luxurious, yet occasional treat.  However, the ability to relax your muscles is actually a sign of great health, and while some may consider it something of a luxury, the medical community has embraced massage therapy as medically therapeutic.

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Massage plays a major part in our Wellness Center and in our “whole person” health care attitude.  In fact, Massage and Chiropractic care is a natural partnership that has been shown to speed up the healing process in our patients.

Combined with drinking water, massage has also been shown to promote the body’s natural detoxifying process by flushing out toxins that get stored in your tissues.

Affordable Massage Membership Programs:

We always recommend regular massages which is why we offer “Wellness” massage membership programs that give you discounts depending on your massage needs or goals for care.

A Wellness Massage Membership allows you to enjoy an unlimited number of massages at discounted prices, giving you the chance to maximize your wellness care. Your pre-paid or monthly dues include a single 1-hour “free” massage session each month as well as additional massage sessions at our low membership rate.

Do something good for yourself. Make massage therapy a regular part of your personal health and wellness plan!

Membership Benefits:

  • #1, Save money! The cost of additional massages is a fraction of what you’ll find elsewhere. Plus, discounts are available for your spouse.
  • All of our experienced Massage Therapists meet or exceed all local certification and licensing requirements.
  • Caring and Friendly Staff are always at the ready to offer you excellent care and exceptional service in a clean, safe and comfortable atmosphere.
  • If you choose you may tip your therapist if you feel she did an exceptionally good job, however you are not obligated to do so. There are no signs telling you how much you should tip because our primary concern is your comfort and well-being.
  • Convenience – standing appointments are available to ensure your massage is done in
    a timely manner that fits your busy schedule.

Introducing: Rachel PearaWellness-Center-5

Licensed Massage Therapist, Healing Hands & K9 Queen

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