Why Vitamin D?

Did you know – Vitamin D is actually more of a HORMONE than a vitamin?

Vitamin D is first made in the skin from cholesterol, making Vitamin D3. D3 is then converted in the liver to another form, then transported to the KIDNEYS, where it is oxidized, and becomes CALCITRIOL (1,25 dihydroxy cholecalciferol), which is a hormone. Calcitriol in the bloodstream travels to the intestine where it stimulates the formation of calcium transport proteins, facilitating intestinal absorption of Calcium, Phosphate & Magnesium ions. In addition, calcitriol can increase bone rebuilding and bone density by working together with parathyroid hormone.

Interestingly, the lower the level of vitamin D you have, the more likely that calcium will build up in fatty plaques in the coronary arteries (Atherosclerosis). The inverse relationship also holds: the higher the level of vitamin D, the less likely calcium will build up in atherosclerotic plaques. (Circulation, September 1997;96:1755-1760.)

So, More Vitamin D = Less fatty plaques in coronary arteries and MORE bone mineralization! Also, since we need ample cholesterol to make Vitamin D, the lower your cholesterol, the less Vitamin D you can make! Hmmmmm makes you think, doesn’t it! Unfortunately, there bad forms of Vitamin D that people are taking (not all supplements are the same) and just mega-dosing on Vitamin D doesn’t necessarily deal with the WHY it is low? …we do by the way! 😉

New roles are continually being discovered for the need for Vitamin D, including roles in mental health, blood sugar regulation, the immune system, and cancer prevention. So low Vitamin D levels, therefore, can cause or fuel problems in mental health, blood sugar regulation and the immune system. Yet standard modern advice — take cholesterol-lowering drugs, avoid the sun, eat a low-cholesterol diet — combined with a recommended daily intake of vitamin D that is only a tenth of what many researchers believe to be sufficient all seems to pave the way for widespread vitamin D deficiency. Perhaps that’s why, according to Dr. John Cannel, President of the Vitamin D Council, most whites and nearly all blacks in modern society are deficient in vitamin D.

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