Younger Joints!

A lifestyle that includes regular exercise and activity (getting off your butt) will literally train your joint cartilage to become more youthful and flexible. Cartilage is avascular, meaning it does not receive nutrition via blood vessels. Like a sponge, it takes in fluid and releases the fluid when compression is applied and released. This alternating compression and re-expansion allows it to receive its supply of nutrients and remove metabolic waste. Arthritis & Rheumatism, 1984

Regular exercise also maintains and improves joint flexibility, improves your glucose tolerance and reduces workdays missed due to illness. Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health, 1996

Unfortunately, for some of you, you are headed for joint replacement surgery. But for most of you it is not too late! There is a ton of research out there that says regular motion in your joints (exercise & activity) generates healthy joint tissue! A.k.a. healing!

The missing ingredient here (and where WE come in) is that most joint inflammation in later life is due to a combination of aberrant biomechanical movement of the entire body (posture & gait) and your immune system “reacting” to food proteins that find their way to your joints by way of “leaking” into your blood stream from a weak intestinal lining.

I say it’s a combination because it is rarely ever just one thing that keeps joints from healing effectively.

In the chiropractic world we assess a patient’s gait, posture and core strength as well as the health of the arches of your feet. On the ‘alternative medicine’ or nutritional side of our practice, we focus more on the toxic barriers to healthy cells and tissues, the nutritional needs for tissue repair and are able to run blood tests for specific challenges if needed.

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