Personal Nutritional Coaching!

at The Wellness And Nutrition Center

We already know that we should be eating healthy, whole foods, but what we don’t always realize is that a lot of our symptoms can be caused by eating certain foods that we thought were healthy but really weren’t! …so how do you KNOW?

“Eat to Thrive”, is a program at WNC that offers one-on-one boutique nutritional coaching created by the doctors and nutritional consultants at WNC!

What to Expect:

  • Weekly one-on-one nutrition coaching for 3 weeks

  • 3-day food log to start, and then a 7-day food log for 2 weeks

  • Create sustainable lifestyle improvements that promote permanent, positive change

  • Get clarity on what healthy food is and make radical changes to your health!

  • Learn how to eat tasty & satisfying foods that feed your cells the right nutrition!

“Eat To Thrive” is divided into three sessions:

What Food Is When Hippocrates said “Let thy food be thy medicine”, he wasn’t referring to most of the products on our supermarket shelves today!  So then, what is food? Learn the truth about food basics; carbs, fats and proteins and how they relate to feeding your cells.

What Food Is Not The goal of the second session is to help you become aware of the poisons and chemicals that are in a majority of our supermarket foods today and will expose many truths behind the toxins that are in our food. Learn the truth about GMO’s, Glutens, What “All Natural” means and more!

Advanced Foodology The third and final session focuses on how to take what you’ve learned in the first two sessions and apply it to your lifestyle. Learn practical tips on food preparation, food combining, fasting plans, detox methods, legal deserts and more!

Some things are obvious, but when it comes to what you are eating, a little more knowledge, a little more wisdom and a little more accountability may be the difference!

Maybe Personalized Nutritional Coaching is EXACTLY what you need!




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