What is Wellness Weight Loss in Carpentersville

Let The Results Speak For Themselves…

Being overweight is a symptom, not the core problem. Finding the cause of the problem is the secret to losing unwanted FAT weight for long-term success! (Check out the video below!)

Many programs in Carpentersville will restrict calories (starve you), freeze, burn or cut you (cool sculpting, liposuction, etc.) or put you on a varying array of meal replacement shakes and pills to artificially stimulate your metabolism (short-term results) which may or may not help you, but often don’t really affect the deeper reasons you became overweight in the first place.

Our “Wellness Weight Loss” Program Tools in Carpentersville

  • Doctor-managed functional health care
  • Laboratory analysis – if indicated
  • Emotional Energy & Energetic Body balancing through PRT
  • Metabolic reset Homeopathics (HA2CG)
  • Red Light & Infrared Light Therapy – (Click here to see video!)
  • What is Successful “Weight Loss” (Download E-Book)

The Program:

  • Step 1 - Become a Nutritional Patient at the Wellness Center
  • Step 2 - Handle any body systems and organ toxicities or deficiencies
  • Step 3 - Begin Rapid Fat Loss & Metabolic Reset with Ha2CG
  • Step 4 - Fine-Tuning & Designing your new lifestyle
  • Step 5 - Weight Stabilization and Metabolic "Lock Down"

Once you are ready to get started, fill out the contact form below and one of our staff will reach out to you.

Learn More About “Wellness Weight Loss” From Dr. Dave’s Video Below:

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