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What Is PRT?

PRT in Carpentersville is a quick and non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of illness and non-optimum health. PRT stands for “Priority Response Testing” and is a ‘muscle testing’ energy-based technique developed by Drs. David & Jill Noble over the last 20 years.

Why ``Priority``?

We use the term “Priority” because by using PRT, you find the most important thing the patient’s body needs help with first. By handling the priority; as the body sees it, you get faster improvements with less work!

With PRT, we can discover needs, benefits, and disruptors to your body’s function just by providing some sort of stimulus and observing whether the arm goes ‘weak’ or stays ‘strong’. The stimulus could be a thought, something you visualize, a supplement, food, an organ reflex, or whatever. PRT can be used for assessing specific nutritional needs, chiropractic adjustment needs, stress physiology (Autonomic Nervous System) blockages, emotional overwhelm, and imbalances in the body’s energy systems.

By using muscle response testing to read and prioritize what the body needs, first and most, you can determine the underlying causes of dysfunction or disease. Things like; stuck emotions, heavy metals, toxins, immune challenges and food sensitivities, cause chronic negative responses in the body that leads the body down the path to manifesting symptoms and disease.

Once these interferences are discovered, we can restore the flows and functions of the body so it can then heal itself using nutritional supplements, botanicals, and homeopathic alongside any chiropractic or energy balancing work. It’s awesome!

The beauty of this testing is its simplicity. You can see it and you can feel it.

We tend to make health care more complex than it really is because of fear of the unknown and our growing intellect. We crave the diagnosis so that we can arrogantly control the disease with a simple pill or therapy. More often than not, the answer is typically a chronic nutrient deficiency coupled with a consistent influx of toxic compounds and negative thinking.

Just like in real estate where the top 3 most important things are; Location, location, location; for health and wellness, it is; Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle!

What Are ``Organ Reflexes``?

This is common to many muscle testing techniques where the Doctor will physically touch a specific reflex point located on the body that is connected to a specific organ or system while challenging the arm muscle. If while touching an organ reflex point on the body, you see the arm go “weak”, this means that there is distress associated with that organ or system. (This is not a diagnosis of disease, just a signal of distress or imbalance of the energy) If you find something to balance the reflex like putting a supplement on the patient’s body or clearing a stuck emotion, the arm test should feel strong. (It sounds crazy – I know, but it works!) For most people, you have to see it to believe it.

What Is ``Energy Matching``?

Everything including vitamin supplements, your physical body and even your thoughts all have an energetic signal (frequency or vibration) to them just like a note on a keyboard (this is basic quantum physics). In practice, we can use the energetic signal of a calcium supplement, for example, by bringing it physically to the body which, completes a kind of ‘circuit’ between them and I, then observing if the arm, while contacting the organ reflex, stays ‘strong’ or goes ‘weak’.

If you see the arm stay ‘weak’, then that particular supplement is not the best thing for that organ reflex (and therefore the body as a whole), at least at this time. But, if the arm stays ‘strong’, then there is at least an energy match from that supplement to the body.

*Secondarily, if the arm goes ‘weak’ while pulling this supplement away from the body, then we know that there was not only an energy match but a strong affinity for that substance.

What Are “Stuck Emotions”?

A “stuck” emotion is basically a residual energy imprint on the body that resulted from a significantly high amount of emotional energy from a past experience, like the carcass of a dead bug on your windshield. These stuck emotion energies occur anytime you experience a painful loss, physical or emotional trauma, a big upset or significant change in your reality from pain or revelation. The concept here is that these things stack up in the subconscious mind and run 24/7 – 365 in the background like having a bunch of computer viruses, slowing down your hard drive.

A major part of the PRT method is ‘clearing’ these stuck emotions so that your hard drive runs cleanly and optimal health is more possible. Clearing a stuck emotion would probably be considered junk science to a PhD in psychology, however, the physical and emotional transformation that occurs is undeniable and we consider ourselves truly blessed to just be a part of it with so many people!

Another way to look at this is to think about each emotion we experience as being like a note played on a keyboard. So, if you add up all of the momentary emotions that you may feel throughout the day, it’s as though someone is playing a medley of tunes all along where some notes are quiet, some are loud, some are in tune and some are not! When we have an overwhelming emotional experience, it's like someone smashed both hands randomly on the keyboard and when the event was over they lifted their hands, but there was one key that was stuck and kept on playing. So imagine hearing that same note playing ALL DAY LONG, every day, all week long, etc.

As a note on a keyboard being played 24/7 – 365, it may be a little annoying, but over time blends into the background and becomes a part of the general noise of life; you're new normal. Now, if you were to add up every time you felt some emotional overwhelm and consider that these rotten notes are layering up creating a disorganized mosaic of distracting sound, how in the world can your body run efficiently? Imagine collecting 10, 100, 1000 layers in a lifetime!

Can we really expect to clear ALL of these rotten notes that keep our bodies weak, sick, and locked in a stress response? Maybe, but it’s quite unrealistic to expect 100% clearance. The idea here is to clear enough so your body can get back to the business of responding to present time needs.

What Is PRT Used For in Carpentersville?

PRT For Chiropractic Care

Have you ever been to a chiropractor where their adjustments made things worse or sore for days after every visit? Have you ever had the experience that you weren’t getting any lasting relief after seeing a chiropractor frequently for more than a couple of months?

These things should NOT happen with rare exceptions! Assuming that there isn’t some significantly unstable medical condition, your body should receive the adjustment and begin to balance itself in a relatively short period of time.

The problem often comes down to the chiropractor not adjusting areas in the ideal sequence relative to what the body would like. When the doctor can listen to the body and learn what needs to be adjusted FIRST and whether an energetic interference needs to be cleared BEFORE you perform a physical adjustment, you will find that body responds and progresses much quicker! This is what PRT does for the chiropractic experience.

PRT For Nutritional Assessment

It is important to understand that when you are tested for the first time, it is mostly the outer layers of your energy ‘onion’ that are being tested because that is all we have access to for now. As these layers improve, minimize or heal, you can address deeper layers.

At each PRT visit, we are attempting to get deeper layers each time, which is why your program may change a little at each visit. We may discover “layers” that are primarily toxicity issues that need detoxing, or emotional energies stuck from the past keeping your nervous system in a response mode since that ‘thing’ happened.

Once you start a nutritional program with us, we typically will give you some general or specific (case-dependent) dietary or lifestyle instruction. After several visits, assuming your lifestyle corrections are taking place, there shouldn’t be as much to get through, and you are functioning and feeling better!

PRT For Stress And The Emotional Mind

It is impossible for the body to fully do the function of healing (optimal health) today if it is constantly distracted by layers of noise and stress from the past. Real (and perceived) threats crank up the body’s physiology to defend itself, which is good while that threat is present, however, the problem is that most people get stuck in these stress responses, they layer up and then find themselves mired in a state of tension, fatigue, and anxiety; basically responding to a list of past needs collected over time.

Psychology and counseling is beneficial for the conscious mind or will of a person and to an extent their behaviors, however, a person’s deepest feelings and the tone of their nervous system and physiology is functioning primarily at a subconscious level. PRT can effectively tap into this, not aggressively, rather very gently; dissolving the multitude of distracting energies that have been piling up demanding that the body respond.

The emotional component of PRT work is more of an experiential thing and less of an understanding. In some instances, it is like restoring sight to the blind, while in others, a relative and observable zilch.

Who Can Benefit?

PRT For Patients

One of the most interesting things about being a patient at the WNC is seeing and experiencing the PRT technique first-hand! There are ‘muscle testing’ techniques, and then there is PRT.

Drs. Dave and Jill Noble pour themselves into each visit with a patient and have dedicated their careers to helping people in deep and meaningful ways, which is where this PRT thing developed from.

For now, the only way to get this type of service for yourself is to come and become a patient at our main wellness center in the Carpentersville – Dundee area. Click here to contact us: CONTACT US

PRT For Practitioners

After much interest and demand to share and teach the PRT technique and philosophy, the plan is to prepare teaching materials and to reach out to the holistic practitioner community. Until then, anyone interested in learning PRT must first align his or her mind to the concept of the flow of healing…

No matter the patient’s condition or beliefs, the PRT practitioner MUST realize his or her role in this, which is to stay present, willing, and able.

You can’t force healing, but you can force treatment. Anything from a drug to even a chiropractic adjustment could be considered forceful in regards to the flow of healing the body may prefer in order to overcome some condition. A PRT practitioner does not force anything, rather, he or she is in the business of removing any interference that may be in the way of a person’s healing.

Healing starts with hope, even if it is your hope that the patient starts with. Ultimately, the flow of healing is from the inside out. In fact, it is from above, then down, and then inside-out.

So PRT is more of a philosophical viewpoint rather than a highly structured ‘technique’ that a practitioner would learn and replicate.

Learn PRT:

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  • Seminars (TBA)
  • Personal Coaching (TBA)

The PRT Philosophy

The foundation of the PRT philosophy is rooted in 2 main concepts:

  1. God designed the body perfectly to respond to the information it is given (internal and external environments) for the purpose of optimal survival and optimal health.
  2. The body heals as long as it has what it needs and nothing is in the way. Optimal health is the body’s natural state and while perfection may be impossible to attain and maintain, improvement is always possible. Where there is a heartbeat, there is hope!

PRT isn’t a “treatment” for any particular condition, rather, it would be considered more as a holistic healing care methodology. In fact, this energetic process of healing care is positioned perpendicular to the linear medical model of diagnosis and treatment, so most questions and confusions stem from trying to fit something like PRT into a medical viewpoint; a ‘sort of’ square peg into a round hole.

PRT is about asking WHY your body has become so out of balance, that it became sick then also listening to it for the answer(s) as to what to do about it.

If you are suffering from pain or symptoms, ask yourself; why has my body weakened past the point of efficient survival so that it is actually creating symptoms? Is it possible that your body has been sending signals and speaking to you through various symptoms so that you will hopefully change your behavior? Maybe.

Contrast this with what medicine is and does. Medicine is more about dissecting the circumstance and finding out WHAT is manifesting. In other words, diagnosing symptoms and disease, etc. so that once you know WHAT is going on, you can treat IT.

For some, finding and managing the “WHAT” makes more sense to them than finding and eliminating the “WHY” someone is sick or hurting. When it comes to your health, each person must go in a direction where they resonate with and feel best served.

In any case, each PRT visit is extremely individualized to the patient – for that particular time. This is not a diagnosis & treatment model where we give you something for a symptom or condition, rather the PRT assessment is a personal process where you let us into your world so we can help you do things like; remove nervous system interference, balance your body energies, clean up your lifestyle, let go of the past, clean up your tissues and feed your cells the missing pieces they may be starving for.

Our role is that we direct and empower you to make giant leaps towards your best you.

We basically provide you with a road map on how to get your physical body back on the road to health. During your visits together, we are purely clearing the interferences, helping you see where you got in your own way and find specific energy-matched products that will help you reach your goals. The real work happens when you leave the office!

We love to hear about how people can see their own transformations, feel younger and have more energy.

You CAN Live Your Life Well!

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