Meet Dr. Dave – Where One Size Does Not Fit All!

If looking for a chiropractor right now, you must have a reason, right?

It is important to match your health goals with the right doctor for that goal!

“While other professions are concerned with changing the environment to suit the weakened body,

Chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment.”

– B.J. Palmer

Chiropractic For Neck or Back Pain

  • Neck and back pain happen when the body gets overwhelmed PHYSICALLY (Poor posture or Injury), CHEMICALLY (Toxicities or Bad diet) and/or EMOTIONALLY (Stress or Bad sleep). To assume your pain is only a “physical thing” is a mistake in most cases.
  • Ultimately, true back pain recovery comes from and lasts longer when you address all 3 sides. It is restoring that person’s balance so that the body can heal and improve.
  • You need a doctor who considers all 3 aspects of health, not just 1 or 2. We at The WNC do that!
Chiropractic Carpentersville IL Health Triangle
Chiropractic Carpentersville IL Neck Pain

Chiropractic For Car Accidents & Injuries

  • Have you been in a Car Accident or do you have “whiplash”? (see video below)
Chiropractic Carpentersville IL Auto Accident
Chiropractic Carpentersville IL X-Rays
  • Dr. David Noble is a member of SmartInjuryDoctors with Dr. Jeffrey Cronk, DC, JD, which means that he is a highly trained diagnostician in Whiplash and Spinal Ligament Injuries.
  • Thorough exam, digital stress x-rays, 3rd party reading, 3rd party Computerized Radiographic Measurement Analysis (CRMA) and detailed clinical examination that correlates the findings for an accurate diagnosis, better long-term results and objective impairment ratings based on AMA Guidelines and medical consensus. (your attorney will love that!)
  • Patients are treated according to their level of injury and are treated as people, not just a number or like an item on an assembly line. Everybody is unique like their fingerprints and our patients will have their health assessed and given opportunities to heal holistically, not just patched up temporarily.

Chiropractic For Posture Correction

  • Rarely (if ever) does a few adjustments or simply wearing a posture strap correct a chronically bad posture. It takes some effort, but there are smart ways to get those results!
  • Bad posture happens due to unresolved injuries, sedentary lifestyle habits and from body-energy imbalances. At the WNC, all 3 aspects are investigated and handled when necessary.
  • Dr. Dave specializes in techniques to help you create a better posture, which changes the way you carry yourself.
Chiropractic Carpentersville IL Poor Posture
Chiropractic Carpentersville IL Back Pain

Chiropractic For Wellness & Prevention

  • Chiropractic releases stress from the spine and body as well as relieving the irritation to your nervous system.
  • Just like living an active lifestyle promotes better health, flexibility, higher quality of life and longevity – Chiropractic when used as a part of your wellness plan is an excellent tool for getting the best out of your body!
Chiropractic Carpentersville IL Active
Chiropractic Carpentersville IL Stay Active

“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes man to die.

Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes man to live.”

– B. J. Palmer

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