We use a holistic approach to help you achieve and see balance in all aspects of your life. We start by listening to what you are feeling and value your individuality. Find out if we can help you by calling 847-426-2121 to talk with our Care Team or to schedule a no-obligation New Patient appointment. Click below to take our Wellness Quiz to find our it you are THRIVING – Or Just Surviving…

Our focus is on your needs and goals by addressing the root cause(s) of your symptoms or condition. We specialize in whole-person healing and inside-out personal transformation through various healing modalities, such as; bioenergy, homeopathics, nutritionals and chiropractic that can actually complement a traditional western medicine practice.

We know that your body can heal as long as it has what it needs and there is no interference. Healing is a journey, filled with self-discovery of your body’s needs and barriers, that once identified can be remedied.

Move [mo͞ov] – verb;

1. go in a specified direction or manner;

change position.

Chiropractic 101

Dr. Dave’s Style

  • Our Chiropractic Assessment:
    • Consultation to see if we can help you
    • Chiropractic examination including; Core strength & Posture analysis
    • Appropriate Orthopedic and Neurologic examination
  • Our Solutions & Recommendations:
    • Short-Term Relief Care
    • Posture Correction & Core Strengthening instruction
    • Custom Orthotics and Arch Inserts available
    • Chiropractic Wellness & Maintenance plans

Nur·ture [ˈnərCHər] – noun;

1. the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or

development of someone or something.

Your body is much like a car. You do all the right things to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs, such as; using the right fuel, doing maintenance and bringing it in to the shop for occasional tune ups. Much like taking care of your car, through proper nurturing, you can prevent and even recover from illness and avoid costly medical bills. A lifetime of nutritional deficiencies, eating food full of preservatives, letting stress get the best of you and using commercial personal care products that add toxins to your body can make you feel sluggish, gain weight, or cause debilitating illness.

People of all ages and health conditions can benefit from our strategic, customized plans and products. Symptoms of nutritional deficiencies include; bloating, weight gain, chronic illness, fatigue, bowel trouble, brain fog, endocrine disorders, etc.

  • Our Comprehensive Functional Wellness Assessment:
    • Detailed symptom and lifestyle questionnaire
    • Consultation to determine the best program for your needs
    • In-office body composition measurements
    • In-office functional health tests
    • Basic Dietary intake
    • Full body scan of all major organ & gland reflexes for energetic distress
    • Comprehensive Blood Analysis (CBC, Metabolic Panel, Cholesterol, at least 5 Inflammation markers, Vitamin D, HbA1c, TSH-for women & PSA for men)
    • Recommendations performed by a licensed and experienced physician
  • Our Solutions & Therapies:
    • Nutritional and Homeopathic Products – (We have done all the research and testing. There isn’t a product on our shelves we don’t trust.)
    • Functional Medicine Services such as; Blood Lab testing, Functional Thyroid Panels and Hormone Level testing is available.
    • Detoxification and Weight Loss programs are available
    • Personalized Nutritional Coaching done by a certified Nutritional Consultant
    • Allergy desensitization programs are available.

Thrive [thrahyv] – verb;

1. to grow or develop vigorously;

to flourish

So, What about you –

Are you THRIVING? Or just Surviving?

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