Activity, Exercise & Sleep

By April 13, 2017Posture & Fitness

Your Activity, Exercise & Sleep

Life is motion! You must keep moving your body in order for it to stay moving. This not only means you must stay active on a daily basis (no couch potatoes!), but it also means getting a regular exercise schedule.

We suggest at a minimum, taking regular 20 + minute walks 3 times every week as well as committing to a more intense workout schedule 3 to 4 times a week that involves H.I.I.T. (high intensity interval training), weight lifting, cross training or playing a sport. This of course would also necessitate a regular stretching schedule to keep this effectual. Always workout up to your specific level of tolerance. In other words, if you haven’t worked out since cell phones became available, then start slow and work up!

The other side of this is your need for adequate sleep! Exercise puts demands on the physical body to adapt and get stronger while sleep provides the “down time” to repair the damage from exercise.

We suggest ensuring a regular and solid sleep schedule where you expose yourself to bright light (sun light is ideal) as soon as you wake up; ideally by 6am. This will stimulate your pituitary gland and literally turn your brain on for the day. (This is key if you need to retrain your sleep schedule)

At night, it is also crucial that you do NOT watch TV, stare a computer or device screens just before you go to bed, even if they “help” you fall asleep, as these things are stimulants to the brain!  Ideally, you go to bed around 9 to 10 pm, even if that cuts into your “quality” TV or internet time! You get more value out of your sleep within the first 90 minutes of sleep and particularly before midnight.

Quality sleep happens when your brain get go from an alpha (light) brain wave to a delta (deep) brain wave function and TV screens make it difficult for your brain to do that. So even if you sleep the whole night, you may not be getting down to a restorative sleep.

We also suggest living an active lifestyle, which will demand deeper sleep from your brain and likewise, quality sleep will provide energy for your active lifestyle. It is a complete cycle that when in balance, will provide the necessary basis for your thriving life!

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