Annual Wellness Check Up in West Dundee

Chiropractic West Dundee IL Checkup

What is the Annual Wellness Check-up?

The key here is prevention! This is a comprehensive preventative health and wellness check-up in West Dundee that covers a multitude of valuable health factors that when evaluated annually, may

  1. Help your employer lower health insurance costs,
  2. Help you design a more effective wellness plan or
  3. Help catch health issues before they can become a bigger problem.

This assessment includes looking at a collection of functional health issues, a functional physical exam, and a Comprehensive Wellness blood test. This is a $550 value, but through a partnership with LabCorp this can all be performed for $179! (Must mention this offer)

Why not just go to your medical doctor’s office in West Dundee for your annual exam?

To answer this, let’s compare what “Wellness Exam” services you would get with a standard medical office with one at our wellness center:

Chiropractic West Dundee IL Annual Wellness Check Up Chart

To get started:

  1. Schedule your “Annual Wellness Check-Up” with Dr. Dave Noble, by calling (847) 426-2121.
    • Insurance Coverage: If you wish to get reimbursed for these services, call your insurance carrier before your visit and ask what their exact requirements are and if there is a form that they provide for the doctor to fill out. (We are not responsible for acquiring any needed paperwork nor are there any guarantees for reimbursement)
  2. Bring any insurance forms with you to your preventative health screening.
  3. After some brief paperwork, you will be examined by the doctor
  4. You will leave the office with a requisition form for your blood test that will be performed at any local LabCorp location.
  5. Once we receive your results (usually within 1 week of your blood draw) we will contact you for your Report of Findings visit with the doctor. The fee for this visit is included with your examination fee, so there will be no additional fees.
  6. The doctor will review key parts of your testing and give you any health recommendations. There is no obligation for care and any further commitments.

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