Mercury is Safe!

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Mercury is safe, right?

Much to the chagrin of doctors, politicians, school administrators, etc., the vaccination debate just won’t go away. Medical Students Are Fully Informed About Vaccinations, Right? (Check out this video!)

More and more science and empirical evidence (observation) is coming out and piling up that there is at least an obvious risk to vaccinating not only children, but adults too!

The argument for the use of vaccinations has been supported by medical doctors and their educational institutions, which is a crushing weight against the “natural” mom following her gut on how to raise and nurture healthy kids. Moms usually lose the argument out of bullying from their doctors, husbands and from just a lack of being informed. The assumption is that the doctors and the lawmakers must know what they’re talking about, they’re the experts, right?

There is no way that politicians are bought off or that medical schools have an agenda, right? Then why is there a “Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund” enacted by Congress that has already paid out $3,475,302,680.15 in awards? …just sayin’.

My personal health took a huge nose dive right after I received a meningitis vaccine at college, causing severe allergies, irritable bowel syndrome (food reactions since), memory trouble, etc. and I have spent the last couple decades repairing that damage.

As a professional and an intentional observer of this subject, it seems that everyone has a different level of tolerance to the toxic ingredients found inside vaccines and I am not willing to say that all Autism is always caused solely by vaccine injury, but there is clearly a connection.

After spending years helping people, and myself, detox from heavy metals such as; mercury, tin, silver, etc., I advocate more honest discussion about this subject and for parental freedom of choice.

It is no secret that mercury is highly toxic to our nervous system and we need hazmat suits to clean up after a mercury thermometer breaks in a classroom, yet somehow it is ok to inject that into our babies. Ultimately, we all want the same thing, which is to protect our children, protect the human race from disease and for vibrant health.

Take this with a grain of salt, but lets at least keep an open mind. There is no judgement here as to where you fall on this, only a request for open dialogue between parents, doctors and politicians. Our mission at WNC is for you and your family to thrive!

If you think you have heavy metal poisoning, please let us know. We have programs designed specifically to help with that!

Live Your Life Well!

PS Check out the Drink Mercury Vaccine Challenge video

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