Chiropractic 101

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Chiropractic 101 Review:

Your spinal column, which consists of 24 movable bones, called “vertebra”, contain and protect the spinal cord, which flows as an extension of the brain. The brain and spinal cord together make up the Central Nervous System and branches out at each level of the spinal column as individual pairs of nerves. These nerves go through gaps located between each vertebra and out to all the body parts, organs and cells of your body. These are the communication lines that the brain has with the entire body and the outside world.

These spinal bones can (and often do) move incorrectly or get stuck out of normal positioning; this is called “Subluxation”. Subluxations irritate the nerves as they exit the spinal column and are caused from emotional stress, tension buildup, muscle imbalances, toxicities, poor posture and injuries. Subluxations cause various forms of organ, muscle and body dysfunction, which then eventually causes pain, tingling, numbness and even eventual disease in the end-organ.

Chiropractors are highly trained to locate and correct these spinal subluxations with various types of adjusting techniques in order to relieve the irritation of the nerves and to reset the neurology of that spinal level.

Although it isn’t clinically important, the adjustment usually results in a popping sound. The adjustment is intended to reset the brain-body connection at that level which many times causes relief. Adjustments don’t always create a popping sound, but that doesn’t mean that “it” didn’t happen, because the main benefit of the adjustment is the neurologic resetting that occurs at that level.

Finally, receiving adjustments in a series of visits is key to getting your body get out of the pattern it was in and to getting it back on track. It may take several weeks or it may only take a few adjustments, everybody is different.

Check out this simple video to see more:

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