Dr. Dave’s Unique Adjusting Style in Carpentersville

Dr. Dave’s Unique Adjusting Style in Carpentersville

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Most chiropractors adjust with their hands and use a very physical treatment model. Sometimes you may even experience pain due to the amount of force that the chiropractor uses. My style in Carpentersville tends to be easier and take fewer visits because of my “Flow of Priority” treatment model.

Much like a PRT Nutrition visit; I use “muscle reflex testing” for just about everything, which allows me to listen in on what the nervous system says it needs to be worked on first. It also helps the patient see what I am finding as I am finding it! I can test for which areas of your body need adjusting, which area is the priority, and what is causing the imbalance.

For instance, you might come in because you are feeling pain from headaches and when I test you we see that your left knee (even if there is no pain) is the priority reflex. Once I find what the priority is, we can then clear it with energy work, emotional clearing, or by adjusting it. It is hard to explain and it doesn’t always make sense on the surface, but it works!

Once the first “priority” has been handled, we can then “flow” to the next thing and then the next, until you are balanced. This is why we call our technique; “PRT” – Priority Response Testing TM. Sometimes there is immediate pain relief (and there usually is some of that) and other times it happens more gradually. But the patient almost always feels looser, lighter and leaves with a smile.

One size does not ‘fit all’ with chiropractic in Carpentersville

One size does not ‘fit all’ with chiropractic. Your visits should not be the same every time unless you are already in maintenance and you don’t have anything demanding attention!

I prefer to set up short-term programs (2 to 3 weeks) then re-evaluate to see if we need more for the Recovery phase of treatment. Most patients should feel some improvement very quickly. I also offer posture correction and core strengthening programs that they can do at home after one-on-one training if needed in their case.

Once we are past the Recovery and Stabilization phases of care, I always invite people to continue after they’re feeling better for monthly adjustments (sometimes more or less frequent depending on their needs). This is ideal, but is completely up to the patient if they feel they want to continue. I always use the analogy of someone who ate well and worked out until they lost 50 pounds and felt great, but once they met their goals, they slid back to what they were doing to get out of shape in the first place. Not ideal, but it happens quite frequently.

I hope this helps you understand our chiropractic practice better!

Live Your Life Well!

Dr. David Noble

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